1080p CCTV

High definition has quickly become one of the most vital features of modern CCTV surveillance systems. The latest 1080p CCTV cameras are capable of delivering an unrivaled image quality, giving a great amount of detail that is incredibly useful in identifying people and objects. At 360 Security Solutions we bring you the very best models to suit both your business and home security needs.

What is High Definition?

High definition is a video format that contains more pixels and a larger image size than standard definition cameras. The benefit of this is that the user is given a clearer, sharper image that allows for easier identification of people or objects. Today high definition has become the go-to for security surveillance for both businesses and homes.

1080p Cameras

1080p cameras are the preferred choice for professional security systems, offering unrivaled image quality and detail. With the advancements in video and camera technology, now upgrading from an analog to a 1080p IP CCTV system has never been easier or more affordable.

In the instance of a 1080p IP camera, these models use a minimum of 2 million pixels to render an image, with the latest camera models capable of using more than that number of pixels. This feature often varies depending on manufacturer and is worth investigating further depending on your needs.

Why use 1080p?

1080p CCTV is some of the most modern and advanced security available, and offers a good number of benefits if you invest in it.

  • These cameras are a common feature for large businesses, especially in banks and offices. They not only provide sharp footage but they can also be incredibly cost effective, with research showing one 1080p IP camera was able to replace up to 6 previous analog cameras and still manage to create clearer recordings!
  • Capturing footage in 1080p ensures you’ll be able to distinguish important feature and identify potential criminals with incredibly sharp images.
  • Being able to effectively review evidence is hugely important to businesses. Recording in high definition gives clear footage of whatever is in its view and can help bring those responsible for a crime to justice.
  • HD also allows for accurate capture of car registrations and much more, which could be difficult with lower resolution cameras.