Security Camera Accessories and Parts

Investing and setting up a CCTV system isn’t something that should be approached without proper consideration. We all know the most important part of a CCTV system is the camera, followed by the recording device (DVR/NVR), but there are other components that play a vital role in the efficiency of the overall system, and should therefore be taken seriously into account. If security cameras are the “eyes” of the system, then security camera accessories and parts are integral to maintain their health and the relationship they have with the “brain” (video recorder).

Important Accessories and Parts

CCTV accessories tend to be overlooked because of the importance placed on the cameras used to capture the footage. This is completely understandable as the cameras make for the bulk of a CCTV security system’s cost, but by ignoring quality accessories and parts, you will be effectively degrading the functionality of your security system.

Here we are taking a look at the key accessories and parts that help to make sure your CCTV system is as efficient and reliable as possible.


There’s a reason ‘wired’ is in the name of systems and it’s because it plays a key role in data transfer. Most security cameras transmit video using coaxial cables, such as RG59. This design runs both power and data through one cable rather than having to contend with multiple cable installations.

Wiring is one of the most time consuming aspects of installing surveillance systems, so make sure you do your research into cable length and different cable specifications to ensure you get quality and value for your money.

Power Supply

Every camera requires a power supply, whether wired, wireless or solar. This supply comes in a variety of forms, from Power over Ethernet (PoE), to the two main types of AC and DC. The power supply you choose should depend on your immediate and long-term security goals. If you are happy with a 1-2 camera system, then individual power adapters will suffice, but if you have more cameras, then a multi-port supply is typically recommended.

Understanding the type of power and voltage your cameras require is vital to their successful running and avoiding a potential short-circuit or issue that could have been avoided.

Camera Mounts & Parts

Whilst wiring and power supplies are integral to security systems, the value of quality camera parts shouldn’t be underestimated. If you are creating outdoor surveillance then camera mounts, camera housing and cable casing should be of a high quality to ensure there is no degrading overtime or impact on image quality. Poor investments here could result in damage to expensive cameras that have been invested in.

Camera Lens

A camera lens is one of the most difficult problems people have when it comes to setting up a security system. Different lenses provide different levels of zoom, which helps you to identify important details and intruders, as well as offering different field of views. Making an ill-informed choice can result in inefficient monitoring of an area. Fortunately, we provide quality lenses and expert opinions to ensure you have the right security camera lens and features to suit your needs.