Security Camera Cable

Installing a security surveillance system requires a number of items to ensure its effectiveness. Security camera cables might often be taken for granted but they are integral to ensuring adequate power and no interference to and from the CCTV cameras. At 360 Security Solutions, we provide a wide range of CCTV cables and accessories, which allow you to get the most from your security system.

What You Need to Know About Cables

Cables are one of the items that aren’t provided when purchasing security equipment; therefore it is necessary for the installer to have some knowledge of the types of cables available in order to create an effective security system. This means investing in cables that match the equipment and the rest of the components involved.

 IP and Analog

IP cameras are usually restricted to distances of 100 meters from the network switches due to cabling regulations. Whilst analog offers the user longer cables that can allow their cameras to be mounted up to a few kilometres away from a DVR. Taking the remoteness of a property will show whether or not to use IP or analog security systems.

The Benefits of Analog Cables


As we mentioned, quality cabling allows the user to set up security cameras over a vast area. This is ideal for the like of stadiums, warehouses and remote locations that require monitoring.

Less Expensive

Analog CCTV systems are typically less expensive than IPs, and the ability to connect the network via cables means it is often simpler to install and set-up than other network types.

Little Maintenance

Once installed correctly, using analog cable systems means your system is going to require little maintenance other than the required system checks to ensure the cameras are working correctly.

Added Security

Using cabled networks means that a surveillance system isn’t connected to your home or business network, and therefore won’t be susceptible to network issues. The issues IP networks face, that cable-based networks don’t, are bandwidth limitations, viruses, too many people using the network, and large file sizes.

Ideal for Beginners

Those new to security systems will find the ‘plug and play’ nature of cabled networks the simplest to use.