Security Camera Bracket

Security camera brackets are an integral part of CCTV systems; neglect investing in quality equipment and it can have a knock on effect with the effectiveness and security of your surveillance. At 360 Security Systems it is our aim to not only provide the best CCTV cameras for all your needs, but also to also ensure you get the most from them with intelligent and high quality products.

What is a Camera Bracket?

Security camera brackets are used to mount cameras to a variety of areas, from walls or ceilings to posts. There are a wide variety of brackets available on the market, from those that offer fixed mounting to those that allow easy camera adjustment when necessary.

How to Choose a Camera Bracket

With an extensive range of CCTV brackets available from all the biggest security brands, it can be difficult to settle on a particular product. But take a few points into consideration and this will help you quickly narrow down the type of bracket you’re looking for.

Consider Your Requirements

It might sound obvious but where are you planning on installing your camera? Not only indoors or outdoors but are you looking to install wall or ceiling cameras? Outdoor mounts typically warrant being made of stronger materials, such as metal, in order to withstand harsh weather conditions and potential vandalism, whereas indoor cameras are less exposed to these factors and could use plastic brackets instead.


We might not commonly associate security cameras with style but if you’re looking to add outdoor security to your home or business then it’s important to consider how security cameras and their mounts affect the aesthetic of the building. A wide selection of brackets is available and you’ll undoubtedly find a style to suit your particular tastes.

Wired or Wireless

Certain brackets are designed more appropriately for wired cameras and others for wireless. The wired camera brackets are designed with cable management in order to minimise the area of cable exposed to the elements. This is an important consideration to take into account, as you don’t want a camera to stop recording or to be unnecessarily damaged and need fixing/replacing.

Pan Tilt Head

Brackets with pan tilt heads allow for the user to easily reposition the camera to the desired area, this feature is a simple one that can remove a lot of hassle when it comes to optimizing your security’s effectiveness. If you’re unsure of your exact security needs then this is an ideal feature to look for.