Security Camera Mount

At 360 Secure Solutions, we provide a wide selection of security camera mounts and brackets to help fulfill all your security needs. We understand that no matter how much you invest in a quality camera, if the right accessories aren’t used, then you will be diminishing its effectiveness and won’t be capturing footage as effectively. Our range of mounts has been specially chosen to cater to all the different camera models we provide and provide the best possible quality.

Why Use Camera Mounts

Camera mounts are a cost effective method of improving the efficiency of your security system. They allow users to find the best angle for monitoring your home or business and offer a more versatile placement option, giving you the flexibility you need and improving your long-term surveillance effectiveness.

What to Consider When Choosing a Camera Mount

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a camera mount to ensure a camera’s effectiveness.

Location – camera mounts should be chosen based upon whether you want a camera placed onto a ceiling, wall or pole. Generally speaking, the best angle of recording is from a high vantage point that offers a wide angle for the camera to record. A good camera mount allows you to optimize the angle of recording and cover a wider area than if you were to affix a camera directly to a wall.

Product Quality – as mounts are responsible for holding expensive cameras, it is vital that the mounts are strong enough not only to protect the camera from extreme weather conditions that can disrupt footage, but also to ensure they are vandal-proof. At 360 Secure Solutions, we carefully choose mounts that are reinforced and made from durable materials that don’t deteriorate.

Swivel & Tilt – certain mounts allow cameras angles to be easily adjusted whenever you choose, which is ideal if you aren’t sure which is the most efficient angle of coverage. Consider whether you’d benefit from fixed or swivel mounts that allow you to rotate a camera over 360°.