CCTV Ceiling Mount

CCTV ceiling mounts are a useful tool in any surveillance system arsenal. Whether used inside or outdoors, these mounts offer a simple and affordable tool to maximising the effectiveness of your security cameras. At 360 Secure Solutions, we understand that no matter how much you invest in a quality camera, if the right accessories aren’t used, then you’ll not only be diminishing the camera’s effectiveness, but you could also be putting it at risk of being damaged. Our range of ceiling mounts has been carefully chosen to ensure satisfaction and that you get the most from your security system.

Why Use Ceiling Mounts?

Ceiling mounts can be used in place of a wall bracket to suspend external and internal cameras from ceilings. These mounts prevent you from having to directly attach a security camera to the ceiling, which can often cause restrictions and obstacles to the camera’s vision. Therefore by introducing a ceiling mount, you are able to bypass any obstacles and ensure the efficient use of the likes of dome cameras.

What to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Mount?

Ceiling mounts offer a simple kit that can add a lot of versatility to your camera, allowing users to be creative with their positioning, allowing dome cameras to have access around corners and even to cover indoor areas through windows as well as outdoors.

Location – the length of the ceiling mount is one of the key factors to take into account. The benefit of ceiling placements is you have a great view of what’s beneath you, but obstacles like overhanging ceilings can hamper the range. Choose a mount that surpasses the height of these obstacles and you will be maximising both the angle and range of your surveillance.

Product Quality – outdoor mounts are exposed to the elements and potential interference from criminals, so it is important to ensure you use reinforced and reliable products to guarantee the safety and smooth running of your surveillance system. At 360 Secure Solutions, we thoroughly test and review all of our accessories to ensure you are only being offered the very best products.

Swivel & Tilt – ceiling mounts are most commonly attributed to dome cameras but can be used with a range of CCTV cameras. Take the camera type into account when deciding whether your mount should have a swivel or tilt feature to optimise efficiency.