Outdoor Security Camera Pole

Outdoor security camera poles are a popular surveillance option, providing companies with a practical and cost-effective solution to many of their commercial and industrial security needs. These products are simple to install and ideal for giving a greater, unobstructed field of view in large open areas such as car parks. At 360 Secure Solutions we provide a range of cost-effective and reliable camera poles, ensuring all your potential surveillance needs are met.

Types of CCTV Poles

There are two main types of CCTV poles available – fixed and hinged (tilt over) configurations. Fixed poles are one structure, whereas hinged poles can be collapsed down, providing the user with easy access for camera maintenance at ground level without the need for any machinery.

These two different varieties come in a range of standard heights (4 meters being the most common) to best suit different scenarios and how much area you require your camera field of view to cover. Models can be chosen as light, medium or heavy-duty, depending on your exact requirements. Regardless of your needs, these varying designs and styles make the security poles aesthetically match any existing street furniture in the area.

Uses of Outdoor Security Camera Poles

Our tubular poles provide commercial and industrial properties with a versatile security system that is ideal for a wide variety of situations. Here are some of the most common uses for out outdoor security camera poles and how your company could introduce them:

  • Sports stadiums
  • Industrial and commercial premises
  • Perimeter detection
  • Schools and universities
  • Car parks
  • Utilities sites

The Benefits of Security Camera Poles

There are a variety of benefits to introducing security camera poles into a commercial or industrial environment, these include:

  • The sectional construction of the poles means shipping is affordable and installation is a lot easier in more remote locations.
  • Models have been specifically designed to fit any existing camera technology brand and camera type.
  • The poles have been designed for strength and offer exceptionally high wind ratings so you won’t experience signal interference from weather.
  • They are a cost-efficient solution for achieving security camera height in an area where cameras could otherwise not be placed.
  • Cables are internal and therefore offer protection against weather and any vandalism.