CCTV Pole Mount

CCTV pole mounts are specially designed to allow cameras to be affixed to a security camera pole. These mounts are typically made from metal and are ideal for giving a greater, unobstructed field of view in large open areas such as car parks. As security camera poles are independent structures, it is important for every part of them to be sturdy and have extra protection.

Why Use Pole Mounts?

At 360 Secure Solutions we only offer the very best CCTV pole mounts to ensure your complete satisfaction. A pole mount may not seem like the most exciting security feature, but we know it is integral to connecting your cameras to your surveillance system whilst also protecting the camera. That is why we only provide carefully chosen mount products that have been manufactured with the best materials and reliability in mind.

As we mentioned, security cameras mounted on poles are stand-alone security cameras that are exposed to everything from the weather to potential tampering. Because of this, it is important that every aspect of the poles, from their structure to the mount, is strong and designed for this specific purpose.

What to Consider When Choosing a CCTV Pole Mount

With a variety of pole mounts available, there are several factors worth taking into account when finding the right model for you.

Location & Function – different surveillance scenarios may result in requiring different mounts. For instance, if you want a wide angle of coverage then a dome security camera mount would be preferable, or you may decide to use a mount that supports several bullet cameras pointed in different directions. These mounts also come in a variety of lengths to cater to all your potential needs.

Fixed or Pan & Tilt – certain mounts allow cameras angles to be easily adjusted whenever you choose, which is ideal if you aren’t sure which is the most efficient angle of coverage, or you notice more incidents are occurring in a specific area over time. Consider whether you’d benefit from fixed or swivel mounts that allow you to rotate the camera 360°.

Product Quality & Features – as mounts are responsible for holding expensive cameras, it is vital that they are strong, not just to protect the camera from extreme weather conditions that can disrupt footage, but also to ensure they are vandal proof. Our mounts have been chosen because they are made of strong materials and feature safe housing for cables, ensuring they aren’t exposed.