Dome Cover for Security Camera

Dome covers for security cameras are an ideal method of not only protection your surveillance system but also adding an element of uncertainty for thieves and intruders. These covers enclose cameras in a durable housing that not only makes them tamper proof but also allows for use both indoors and outdoors. At 360 Security Solutions we provide a variety of dome covers to ensure your CCTV is protected and running as effectively as possible.

What You Need to Know About Dome Covers

Any security camera that is used either outside or in an exposed indoor location will require some degree of protection from the likes of weather, dust, and vandalism. Typically, dome security cameras offer a low cost and reliable security camera that meet most business needs. If you are interested in this camera type then it is worthwhile making sure they are vandal proof.

These covers provide considerable protection against all the aforementioned factors, and whilst a vandal might be able to damage the protective dome, it is unlikely they’ll be able to affect the camera’s job.

The Benefits of Dome Covers


Dome covers provide considerable protection at a very affordable price. This makes them a very worthwhile investment, especially if you have invested heavily in the latest CCTV cameras.


Dome cameras are known to be particularly vandal proof thanks to their hardened shell. The cases are capable of withstanding vandalism and excessive shaking, making them ideal if you have to place a camera in an easily accessible location, such as on a low ceiling. This durability also allows the cameras to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Cosmetic Appeal

Dome casings provide a more discreet security camera over bullets and other larger models. This makes them ideal for use in offices, where they are used for precaution and can happily blend into the background


The majority of movement based security cameras will swivel on a routine basis; this allows potential criminals to track the movement and wait for the camera to point away before making a move. Dome covers make it impossible to see where the camera is facing thanks to the tinted screen, deterring many criminals from taking action.