Security Camera Housing

Whilst many security cameras are intended for outdoor use, this doesn’t mean they should be left exposed to the elements and potential damage from vandalism. At 360 Security Solutions, we believe in protecting not only your property, but also protecting your surveillance system investment. We achieve this by providing high quality and durable security camera housing for all potential scenarios.

Why Camera Housing is Important

There are a number of factors than can have a significant impact on your camera’s ability to perform correctly, from extreme hot or cold to strong winds, and interference from vandals. Our collection of camera housing includes everything from fixed dome, to enclosure cabinet, PTZ and fixed camera housings, to ensure your camera is not only protected from damage but that it runs effectively for a long duration of time.

When you’re considering installing a camera in a remote or outdoor area, it is a worthwhile investment to protect the camera itself. Housing is an affordable method of shielding your camera from any factors that could inhibit its performance. These camera housings are available in a range of styles, colours, materials, and with features to aid your surveillance system.

The Benefits of Camera Housing

CCTV cameras aren’t all built with durability in mind, therefore if you want to protect your property then it may be necessary to invest in camera housing. Fortunately these products are fairly priced and offer plenty of benefits:

Weather and Damage Proof

Heavy-duty camera housing is capable of withstanding everything from vandalism to harsh weather conditions. This ensures recording isn’t interfered with and no harm comes to your camera, which if it was left unprotected could be damaged and need replacing.

Housing to Suit All Needs

Our camera housing products prevent the formation of dust, damage from ice, high-pressure water jets and weather. These products are suitable for all your potential security needs and ensure no interference is possible.

Condensation Free

Camera housing is designed to ensure CCTV cameras are protected from damage whilst not restricting their functions. Preventing condensation build-up is an important feature to look out for to ensuring your image isn’t obstructed.