Security Camera Monitor

We offer a range of quality security camera monitors, which are available in a variety of styles and dimensions to suit your specific surveillance needs. From portable to LCD monitors, at 360 Security Solutions we understand the importance of getting monitors right and always recommend investing in a monitor of at least equal quality to your camera specifications.

Key Features

Whether you want to view live stream or recorded CCTV footage from your DVR, NVR or Hybrid, it is necessary to use a monitor.  Finding the right monitor for your needs isn’t difficult once you understand the key features that you should be looking out for.

When it comes to monitoring CCTV, it is possible to use computer monitors and even televisions, but to ensure you’re getting the full benefit from your surveillance equipment; a security camera monitor is a must.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional link between the height and width of an image. You’ll be familiar with the likes of 16:9 and 4:3, these ratios are often overlooked in favour of resolution but they are important to consider. The basic principle is the more security cameras you have in a system, the bigger the monitor. A few cameras might comfortably fit into a smaller screen, but if you have a system of 8 or more then it will undoubtedly be difficult to view on a 15” monitor.

Get the aspect ratio wrong between the recorded footage and monitor, and you can end up with squashed or stretched footage.


Are your CCTV cameras capable of producing HD or SD? An analog DVRs highest resolution is SD; therefore it is only necessary to have a monitor that can handle 960H rather than investing more money in an HD monitor.

If your CCTV equipment is capable of producing HD, then it is best to opt for a monitor that has the highest resolution possible that matches the megapixels of the camera.


Video output connection is another vital aspect of finding the right monitor for your security system. By checking the output connection on your DVR or NVR, you can find a monitor with compatible video inputs. This generally shouldn’t be an issue for most modern systems, as they should have VGA, HDMI and BNC connections, but it is worth checking to be on the safe side.