CCTV Camera Power Supply Distribution Box

A CCTV camera power supply distribution box, also known as a CCTV power supply box, provides users with the ability to easily manage the power to multiple security cameras from one central location. The power supply box is usually kept close to the DVR and provides a tidier and cleaner way of organizing all the cables that are required when using a surveillance system with lots of cameras.

How Power Supply Distribution Boxes Work

These supply boxes work very similarly to a multi-socket plug adapter, whereby instead of needing to have 10 separate power supply wall sockets available for your 10 security cameras, all of your camera power wires instead feed neatly into one single power supply box, which then plugs into a standard power outlet. Power supply boxes have been designed to quickly and conveniently create a home for your security camera cables and plugs, without the need for hiring an electrician to set up many additional wall power points, which can be much more expensive.

The Benefits of Using a Power Supply Box

Opting for a power supply box has more benefits that just aesthetics. Here are the key reasons why they can be a very worthwhile investment:

Improve Security & Reliability

It is common for security cameras to be plugged into the nearest power socket. Whilst this might not seem like too much of an issue, it does make your security susceptible to tampering, either deliberate or accidental, and could result in your camera being switched off entirely. The addition of a power box reduces the risk of this occurring as you can choose exactly where you want the one power source to be (typically by your DVR).

Easy Installation & Maintenance

These boxes can be installed wherever you want, whether mounted on a wall or in a cupboard. The fact that you do not require the services of an electrician to do this also reduces cost.

Simple Troubleshooting

The minimalist nature of the power boxes make rebooting your system as simple as flicking a switch and individual light indicators for each camera allow you to see whether a camera is connected, so you can quickly fix the issue.

Choosing The Right Box

Knowing the power needs of your security system is integral to saving time, effort and money. At 360 Secure Solutions, we provide a selection of power supply boxes for both 12V DC and 24V AC cameras and for a varying number of cameras, so you can find the right fit for your needs. If you need any help in choosing a power box, then feel free to contact us for assistance.