12V CCTV Power Supply

If your CCTV equipment is not provided with the correct power supply, then it can cause anything from interference to damaged equipment. Most security cameras are fairly straightforward, in that they require either a 24V DC or a 12V DC current. A wall power socket in Singapore provides AC power by default, so a power adapter (or rectifier or converter) is needed to convert the AC voltage to DC. In some instances, the adapter also comes with a distribution box which splits the output into multiple channels so that you can connect to multiple cameras. This power supply adapter and distribution box unit is sometimes referred to as a 12V CCTV power supply.

How Power Supply to CCTV Works

In an ideal world, you would match your power supply voltage to your camera voltage; a 12V power supply to a 12V camera, and a 24V power supply to a 24V camera. But if you have an AC power supply and DC security cameras, then you will need to be able to convert the energy, otherwise the device won’t work. Therefore a 12V CCTV power supply must be used to convert AC power to DC before it reaches the DC security cameras or equipment.

Features of a 12V CCTV Power Supply

At 360 Secure Solutions, we offer a variety of 12V power supplies, from 0.5A, to 1A and 2A versions. These products allow the following:

  • Allows DC powered cameras to be run with an AC voltage source.
  • It regulates the output power to DC 12V, removing the risk of power drop.
  • Can be applied to any 12V DC security cameras and other electronics too.

Working with DC Power


DC power supplies are ideal for setting up cameras within 100ft of a power source. It’s possible for there to be a slight voltage drop, depending on quality of cabling, but this is reasonable to expect when setting up security cameras at longer distances. At 360 Secure Solutions, we aim to provide the best quality products to ensure a consistent power supply and minimal voltage drop. By introducing the highest quality cabling, we can ensure that voltage drop doesn’t have a significant impact on your security.


12V CCTV Power Supplies are widely used in order to ensure a stable performance and overall system efficiency. This efficiency not only guarantees the smooth running of your system, but it also prevents damage occurring to the electronics and makes your energy consumption more effective, ultimately saving you money.