24V CCTV Power Supply

Two common types of CCTV cameras are 12V and 24V. Small fixed cameras usually use 12V but PTZ cameras typically use 24V power. 360 Secure Solutions offers our customers the very best in 24V CCTV power supplies. These products are designed to ensure your 24V DC CCTV cameras are receiving the proper voltage in order for them to run correctly. We have everything you need for a top-of-the-range security system, from power supply rectifiers that convert AC to DC, to distribution boxes that can take one power point from the wall and split it into multiple power outlets, useful when you want multiple cameras but have limited power outlets.


Power supply is often one of the most underestimated aspects of introducing a security system, but there can be serious consequences if you don’t take the appropriate precautions and use the right power supply converter.

How Power Supply to CCTV Works

In an ideal world, you would match your power supply voltage to your camera voltage; a 12V power supply to a 12V camera, and a 24V power supply to a 24V camera. But if you have an AC power supply and DC security cameras, then you will need to convert the energy.

Connecting a 24V CCTV camera to a source of wrong voltage may result in substantial damage to the camera. Therefore a power supply converter must be used to convert and correct the voltage before it enters the camera.

Features of a 24V CCTV Power Supply

  • Designed specifically for 24V CCTV installations and features 24V converters in various formats.
  • Regulates the output power to DC 24V, removing the risk of power drop.
  • Can be applied to any 24V DC security cameras and other electronics too.

Understanding Power Supply

At 360 Secure Solutions, we understand that power supplies can be confusing, but the following principles will help to clarify things for you:

  • 24V CCTV equipment can only use a 24V power supply.
  • 12V CCTV equipment can only use a 12V power supply.
  • If the equipment is 0.5A 12V, supplier can use 1A 12V or 2A 12 V to power the equipment (though this is unlikely).

Fortunately, our experienced team are more than happy to discuss all your power supply needs, along with your potential future surveillance expansion and any questions you may have, to ensure you not only get everything you want from a security system in the present, but also in the future as well.

You can rest assured we only provide the highest quality power supply units for use with our systems, so you can be rest assured you’ll be receiving a stable and regulated voltage for your security system.