CCTV Backup Power Supply

Electricity is undoubtedly the lifeline of any business or home, not to mention vital when it comes to providing an effective and reliable security system. Covering your company with a CCTV backup power supply is an ideal solution if you frequently experience inconsistent energy supply or want a backup in the event of your business’s main power going down.

How Does a Backup Power Supply Work?

These products are commonly known as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and allow your security system to continue running for a duration of time if the mains power goes out. A UPS will provide you with the protection you need to ensure your electronics do not suffer from any power related issues. A UPS usually also comes with a surge protector. Typically backup power should be provided for both the cameras and DVR.

Why Use a Backup Power Supply?

As much as we choose to ignore it, power problems can occur on a daily basis. Whether energy spikes, blackouts, surges or noise, power problems can often result in substantial damage to electrical equipment and have serious effects on your system.

The above-mentioned electricity issues that can occur might not all seem too troublesome, but a spike or surge in voltage can result in data corruption and component breakdown because of over-specified voltage.

The addition of a simple backup power supply not only prevents your security system from going down at unwanted times but it can also stop or minimize damage occurring to a system’s hardware and software.

Factors to Take into Consideration

CCTV backup power supplies are a simple and effective way of ensuring your business or property always remains protected, but they do require more attention than you might usually expect from a backup power supply.

UPS should be installed close to the power source to minimize any potential disruption. Also, note that the UPS are heavy, bulky and don’t last very long, (depending on battery capacity, sometimes as low as 12h). This could cause issues when it comes to storage and could be a problem for some areas e.g. ceiling mounted cameras with no false ceiling. Finally, UPS batteries need to be tested annually to ensure they work. Some UPS come with weekly automated self check and even alert system to inform you via email when the UPS is going to fail.