CCTV Solar Power Supply

Solar power has become a valid option for powering CCTV cameras and more manufacturers are incorporating it into their products. While solar power isn’t currently a primary source of power, it does double up as a supplementary mains power source and can be especially useful in the event of a mains power outage. At 360 Secure Solutions we offer the very latest in high quality CCTV solar power supplies, designed to cater to all your surveillance needs.

How Solar Power Cameras Work

The solar panels connected to the security camera absorb sunlight through their silicon membranes and turn this energy into usable power. This power is used by a regulator unit to charge the camera system batteries, whilst also providing the required power output for the camera to run at the same time.

When is Solar Power Beneficial?

There are a variety of scenarios where solar powered security cameras are worthwhile. Here we have outlines exactly why you should consider them for your surveillance system.

Temporary Portable Power – a CCTV solar power supply has become an ideal addition for providing a temporary power source when mains power isn’t available, most commonly when CCTV is introduced into remote locations with limited access to mains power.

Reduce Costs – solar power reduces the cost of your energy bills. There are also occasions where the cost of running cables is too expensive that alternative power supplies must be considered. Solar powered cameras with an additional battery unit allow a camera to run during the day and the separate battery runs the camera at night. Many models have an automatic transfer in the event of poor weather, switching from solar power to the battery when required.

Repays You Over Time – the initial investment of solar powered CCTV cameras is one that is returned to you over time. This is because it uses natural energy and reduces your energy bills.

Factors to Consider for Solar Power

There are distinct benefits to introducing solar power into any CCTV system but considerations must still be made. Here are the factors that must be taken into account before investing in a CCTV solar power supply:

  • The camera’s power consumption in relation to the energy solar power can provide.
  • Size of solar panels needed.
  • Solar panels can be vulnerable to vandalism.