Remote Control Security Camera

With a huge variety of remote control security cameras on the market, it can be difficult to decide upon the best model to suit your specific needs. 360 Security Solutions have a comprehensive collection of remote control cameras, also known as pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras, ideal for all you indoor and outdoor security needs.

What Is Remote Control Video Surveillance?

Remote control security cameras allow users the ability to capture footage at a variety of angles and perspectives, whilst being able to monitor a wide area. Having the ability to pan, tilt and zoom to help security identify points of interest and gather more evidence than would be possible with a standard CCTV camera.

These cameras are able to pan and rotate at high speed, enabling the user to track objects and survey large areas without issue. Making them ideal for scenarios where you’re unwilling to invest in multiple cameras.

The Benefits of Remote Control

The ability to move a camera in any direction and zoom gives the user obvious benefits, being able to cover wider areas and directions means its possible to reduce the number of cameras that are required in an area.

Large Field of View

Depending upon where the camera is mounted, a remote control camera can cover a full 360 degree area. This makes the camera ideal for outdoor use and can cover such a large area that it minimises the cost of your overall surveillance.


The ability to zoom in on objects up to 36x and still provide a clear image is unquestionably a benefit in security surveillance. Typically the more advanced remote control cameras will provide a clear image even when zoomed in drastically on an object. When placed correctly the zoom function allows for secure coverage of a large area without any potential interference from the likes of vandals.

Auto Focus

The more advanced remote control cameras in our collection have built in auto focus. This feature means that no matter how you adjust a camera’s zoom or direction, it will automatically adjust to give you a clear picture. This auto focus feature usually integrates light level too, enabling the camera to focus when moving from dark to light and vice versa.

Look Out For

Motion Tracking

Whilst remote control security cameras allow the user to track using the camera, having built-in motion tracking means you’re camera is able to automatically detect and track motion. Enabling the camera to gather evidence even if you’re not at the controls.