Security Camera Signage

If you want to make sure people take notice of your security cameras then security camera signage is a simple way to ensure people know they’re being monitored. Using signs or stickers that say CCTV protects your home or business is a straightforward and affordable way of protecting yourself, and at 360 Security Solutions we have a variety of signs to suit your needs.

The Benefits of CCTV Signs

There are a number of benefits of adding security signs to both your home and business, and whilst we wouldn’t recommend opting for signs over surveillance, they can help deter intruders regardless.

Cost Effective

One of the most noticeable benefits of security signs is their cost. Purchasing CCTV signs will cost you a fraction of the price of a security system and it’s possible to get security brand specific signs too. So if you aren’t able to install the security system you want to begin with, then signs can often act as enough of a deterrent.

Immediate Effect

Signs only take a matter of minutes or less to install. Whether you choose to place a sign sticker in a window or install a heavy-duty aluminium sign, it won’t take long to add another level of security that could deter criminals, to your property.

Security Sign Tips

There are a few points worth taking into consideration when it comes to security signage:

  •  Although it is a cost effective way of protecting your property, it is by no means a guaranteed security measure. If an intruder is close enough to get a good view of your property then they may see if you don’t have adequate CCTV installed. Displaying the sign at the boundary of the property, such as a front gate, can deter criminals from attempting to get a closer look.
  • If you do have CCTV in operation then it is necessary to have adequate signage so people know they’re being recorded. Installing signs in easily visible places is the best solution to this issue.
  • If you’re using metal security signs then ensure they are made out of rustproof materials. This not only makes your investment last longer but also gives the appearance of a brand new security system, which will help further deter criminals.