High Resolution Security Camera

High resolution security cameras have become the benchmark in video surveillance, not only for businesses but also for homeowners. These cameras are capable of providing incredibly detailed video surveillance that makes identification in both daytime and low-light scenarios simpler than ever before. At 360 Security Solutions we stock the very latest and best of these cameras to suit all your needs.

What is Image Resolution?

Image resolution defines how clear the image that your camera creates will be. In CCTV, resolution is measured in TV Lines (TVL). The higher the number of TVL the more likely your camera is going to be able to render images with more detail.

Why High Resolution is Important

There are many reasons why security cameras are important, but the main purpose of a camera

is to view and record footage. If the quality of the footage is low then it not only makes footage unviewable, but it also reduces its validity when used to provide evidence in the event of an accident or crime.

Security camera resolution refers to the number of lines on the screen, 700 lines is regarded as a high resolution and provides a sharper image than 420 lines. This factor is important to consider, as a blurred image isn’t going to be particularly useful Cutting corners with CCTV resolution is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made, and whilst it might not be necessary for a lot of homeowners, it is vital for businesses to have security footage that can be interpreted as both live video and after recording.

Are High Resolution Cameras for you?

Does your business require cameras capable of picking out details or specific people in large crowds? High resolution cameras are able to deliver incredible detail and video performance in any type of light or weather conditions. These cameras have been designed with digital noise reduction technology, which removes any noise that may occur in low light scenarios, ensuring you gather the quality footage you require.