Security Camera Brands

The Brands we supply

At 360 Secure Solutions we pride ourselves on bringing you only the most trusted and reliable security camera brands. Each of the products we list goes through a rigorous review process, so all of our clients can be confident they are investing in a security system from only the best manufacturers in the industry.

The Brands we supply

Security is more vital than ever before, as a result of this we not only cater to large businesses, but also developing ones and for property owners. To contend with the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we provide a diverse selection of brands that cater to all of these needs as well as different budgets.

Brands we supply


A Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturer, D-Link began modestly as a network adapter vendor and has since become a designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking solutions for business markets and consumers. Since its transition it has been named the leading networking company in the small to medium business segment worldwide (2007) and was also featured in the “Info Tech 100”, as one of the world’s best IT companies.

D-Link offers their customers the latest, award-winning network solutions, whether you are a home consumer, business or service provider.

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Founded in 1996, TP-Link is now one of the world’s leading providers of SOHO & SMB networking products, renowned for providing innovative and award winning solutions to the market. Ranked no.1 provider of WLAN products, they supply over 120 countries and support 10s of millions of consumers across the globe.

TP-Link is fully committed to developing its products and services, and as a result they continue to develop award-winning products for all your networking requirements.

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Samsung has been a household name for over 70 years and is dedicated to making a better world through developing advanced technology. Their Techwin security company brings world class imaging technology to the masses, playing an important role in protecting cities, airports, industrial areas and much more.

They are renowned for providing high resolution, high performance and highly reliable premium security products. It is their mission to become the world’s best total security solutions provider by offering a one-stop security solution and continuously researching and developing products.

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Panasonic have been established as a major player in the IP CCTV market for decades. The company is built on a heritage of providing evidential quality CCTV footage, providing the highest image quality in a wide variety of environmental conditions with advanced and highly reliable technology cameras.

Today they offer a continuously expanding range of quality security products that utilize a host of intelligent features and can be easily integrated with one another to create a cost effective security system. If you’re looking for a well-known and reliable manufacturer for your security cameras then Panasonic’s large line-up of analog and IP cameras will be able to suit your exact needs.

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