Axis Security Camera

Axis Communications has established itself as the global market leader in network video. Specialising in professional network video solutions for security surveillance and remote monitoring, Axis is the world-leading manufacturer of IP camera equipment and here at 360 Secure Solutions it is our mission to bring you the best from their wide range of products.

About Axis Cameras

Axis offers enterprise-grade cameras that have been designed for companies and property owners who are serious about security. These security cameras are ideal for small business security to high-end CCTV surveillance, bringing cutting-edge technology and incredibly high quality, which is reflected in their higher prices.

With the largest installed base of network video products and over 4 million networking products sold, it is clear Axis are a experienced and trusted manufacturer whose products we are proud to provide our customers with.

How Axis Product Benefit You

Whether your company has been exposed to theft, burglary, vandalism or violence, Axis cameras can provide an ideal tool that allows you to focus on your core business whilst having the protection and reassurance you deserve.

An Axis CCTV system provides a future-proof and cost-efficient tool to:

  • Prevent theft and violence
  • Investigate incidents and identify those involved
  • Increase security of your business and for employees
  • Minimise risk of vandalism

These are areas that every sector, from retail to education can benefit from. CCTV systems have been common in the likes of retail for many years and have been traditionally used for safety and security. Axis takes these systems to a new level by providing companies with HDTV image quality in both real time and recordings. Combine this with the latest analytic tools on the market and you will see improvements throughout your entire business, from safety and security to loss prevention and store operations.

Our Top Axis Camera Choices

Axis has recently introduced the P3707-PE and Q3708-PVE, aimed at addressing the market’s need for high-resolution panoramic cameras. Both these models have the capability to act as ‘several cameras in one’, which makes them a cost effective investment for companies.

The 8-megapixel Axis P3707-PE is equipped with four varifocal camera heads, enabling an impressive 360° coverage and a combination of views in four different directions. The Q3708-PVE varies in that it is a 15-megapixel camera with three image sensors, offering a 180° surveillance and Wide Dynamic Range.

Both cameras support the Axis Zipstream feature, which allows companies to reduce the bandwidth and storage space requirements of the footage by 50% or more without affecting the quality of the footage.