Panasonic Security Camera

Over the last 50 years Panasonic Security has been building a heritage of providing evidential quality CCTV footage, delivering the highest possible image quality regardless of the environment and conditions. Panasonic have made a name for themselves by going beyond surveillance and providing high quality, cost effective products. Opting for Panasonic security cameras is a simple way to guarantee your home or business both quality and value for money.

Smart Security

Panasonic provides smart security networks, offering users much more than surveillance. With a wide range of products to choose from, their intelligent technologies allow for any of their security products to be effortlessly combined with an existing security system.

One of the most notable of these is their focus on image quality. The quality of their security cameras ranges from standard definition to impressive True 4K (4096x2160 pixels) resolution. This variety caters to all the needs of users, whether you’re looking to invest in a camera to add security to your home or for large businesses.

The 4K security cameras have been designed to create flawless images through a wide-angle lens whilst using H.264 compression, resulting in incredible quality and at a fraction of the usual file size. Not only does this benefit security as it makes details such as facial features easier to recognise but it also reduces operational costs. Add smart coding and their VIQS (Variable image quality on specified area) and you have even more reductions on operation costs.

Popular Panasonic Security Cameras

Panasonic are undoubtedly a household name, making them a go-to for both property owners and businesses. Here are two of their most popular security models to give you an idea of what they provide:

WV-SFV781L True 4K Security Camera

This is Panasonic’s latest ultra-high-definition security camera, which provides the crisp and clearest images ever experienced. The WV-SFV781L caters to every conceivable need, from being vandal proof to packed full of groundbreaking features. Designed for outdoor surveillance, don’t let the high definition images fool you, file size is 1/7th the size of other 4K security cameras thanks to impressive compression technology.

WV-SPW532L HD Bullet Camera

Panasonic’s versatile 1080p full HD bullet camera would make a welcome addition to any outdoor surveillance system. This WV-SPW532L is a particularly versatile camera that comes with plenty of intelligent features and at a very reasonable price. The camera has both VIQS and smart coding features, so you can be assured of great quality surveillance images, and auto back focus allows for simple and cost saving installation.