TP-Link Security Camera

TP-Link security was founded in 1996 and has since become one of the world’s leading providers of SMB and SOHO networking products, providing its customers with innovative and award-winning solutions. Today TP-Link security cameras are used by tens of millions of consumers worldwide and this number continues to grow.

TP-Link’s Mission

TP-Link is a company committed to achieving, with a dedication to innovation. If you are looking for a security system from a supportive and reliable company whose emphasis is on quality throughout every aspect of their business, then look no further than TP-Link.

The company is fully committed to developing its products, services and consumer relations through extensive R&D, quality assurance practices, and outreach initiatives. It is these high standards that have resulted in TP-Link’s global achievements, as well as receiving both recognition and respect.

TP-Link continues to develop award-winning products, providing a complete range of networking solutions, including cameras, routers, adapters, and many other wired or wireless security devices for both home and office use.

Popular TP-Link Security Cameras

TP-Link has an impressive selection of security cameras for you to choose between and they cater to homes and businesses of any size. Below we have selected some of the brand’s most popular models to help you on your way.

NC220 Day/Night Cloud Camera, 300Mbps WI-Fi

The NC220 is an ideal addition to both homes and offices, whose purpose is to help connect you with what matters most and provide a sense of well-being whilst you are away from home or the office.

Connection to the tpCamera app allows you to record videos, take photos or simply check up on what’s happening providing you have an Internet connection. If motion or sound is detected then you can set up immediate email or FTP notifications, allowing you to be aware of what’s going on. The camera is also equipped with night vision, allowing you to view up to 18 feet, even in total darkness.

TL-SC4171G Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera

TP-Link’s TL-SC4171G is dedicated to providing its users with round the clock security monitoring of homes, offices, stores or any other location that requires day or night security. Easily mountable, the model offers a wide-range of monitoring that covers the entire space it is set to monitor.

The camera features a 54Mbps wireless connection, 2-way audio and a variety of other functions that make it a fantastic security solution for users who want to keep an eye on an entire area without the need for multiple cameras.