Security Camera Features

CCTV cameras are undoubtedly one of the best tools in your home and business security arsenal. With so many models on the market, understanding and deciding upon the right security camera features can be difficult. To help you on your way, we have listed the key features to look out for in cameras and the scenarios they are best suited to.

Video Quality

The most important feature of modern security cameras; modern security cameras tend to offer at least 720p resolution, and many even offer as high as 1080p or 4K for recording and streaming. Whilst HD has its benefits, it is worth considering what you are using surveillance for and if a lower resolution will do a sufficient job.

Motion Sensing

Rather than recording 24-7, which can quickly fill up a local or cloud storage drive, with motion sensing, motion sensors allow you to pause recording until something moves in the frame. You can also receive alerts on your computer or phone if something moves when it shouldn’t. Motion sensors allow for more efficient use of video storage space, especially if you have limited budget or storage, which is ideal for homeowners and anyone not willing to regularly clear old recorded footage. Advanced motion sensing can be set to trigger only for certain pre-defined parts of the camera’s field of view.

79-security-camera-features-1Night Vision

Night vision is a vital part of security, especially as the risk of crime increases in nighttime. Regardless of your requirements, it is always advisable to invest in a camera with good quality night vision, otherwise you are literally halving the effectiveness of your security.


Field of View/Range

Field of view (or viewing angle) is an important factor to consider when both purchasing and installing security cameras. The viewing angle will determine where you position the cameras and exactly how much they can see at a time. A limited field of view may result in the need for multiple cameras to be placed as less footage can be captured of the whole area. The field of view your security system must cover will dictate whether you use a dome camera with a wider view angle or bullet camera with longer range but a narrower angle of coverage.

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio might not seem like a necessary feature of security systems but it allows for a line of communication between the person monitoring the video stream and the person in front of the camera. With two-way audio on your door camera, you could communicate with a person knocking on your front door when you’re away from the door or away from home, and you could also notify an intruder that law enforcement is on its way and that they have been caught on camera.

Additional Features

As well as these features there are some additional factors worth taking into account depending on the type of system you’re after, these include; being vandal proof, offering optical zoom functions, live streaming, cloud recording and Bluetooth functionality.