Bluetooth Security Camera

Bluetooth security cameras provide users with an additional tool ideal for connecting your security to computers and smartphones. 360 Security Solutions bring you the very best Bluetooth security cameras to meet all of your home and business security’s changing needs.

What is a Bluetooth Security Camera?

Bluetooth is a technology used to sync devices such as smartphones, tablets and headsets to networked computers. As a feature added to modern security cameras, it allows local control and simple setup to your security system from your computer or smartphone.

The majority of modern home security cameras come featuring mobile apps, with many of them focusing almost entirely on using the app to access and view either live or recorded footage. Offering both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality, the user can choose to switch between the two depending on their preference.

Why Developers are Introducing Bluetooth

Home security providers and other manufacturers have been using Bluetooth-enabled devices as a means to grant access to the likes of security cameras and alarms in order to replace traditional methods. Bluetooth provides an additional layer of security and access for users, providing secure access to your recorded footage thanks to the likes of wireless electronic ‘keys’.

Who Benefits From Bluetooth Compatibility?

If you’re interested in introducing video surveillance to your home or small office then Bluetooth security cameras are a modern and convenient solution.

Granting the user access through their smartphones, tablets or laptops, there’s no need to invest in additional surveillance or storage products.

For the scenarios where you want to keep an eye on your children, a new nanny, family pet, home or office, the Bluetooth functionality provides a convenient method of being notified if a motion-sensor is tripped or simply if you want to review recorded footage.