Cloud Recording Security Camera

If you’re interested in having a completely modern and space-saving security system then cloud recording security cameras are an ideal solution. In the same way we back up our mobile phones to the cloud, the latest security camera systems allow you to do the same with video footage captured from your cameras. This typically involves footage being recorded onsite before being backed up on the Internet.

How Cloud Cameras Differ From IP?

Cloud cameras are built with simplicity and security in mind. It is only possible to access the footage from a central website or app, instead of a local IP address. This means Cloud camera users don’t have to worry about network maintenance and these storage solutions typically have high-level security to protect them.

Another benefit is the ability to quickly access video footage from anywhere you’re able to sign-in from. This is similar in nature to signing into your music streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify.

Why Use Cloud Recording?

This method of video storage has grown in popularity over recent years, particularly in combination with smart home appliances. The development of Wi-Fi enabled cameras, smartphones and mobile apps, allows for people to avoid relying on local storage, which can have its drawbacks.

Cloud storage can be set to continuous recording or event-based, where the camera can be set to record specific time frames or only when activated by its motion detector. Once this footage is captured it is then sent to a remote server, these servers are available to you for a monthly fee and costs differ depending on whether you opt for continuous recording and other factors.

What’s Right For You?

There’s no one ‘right’ answer when it comes to deciding on how you want to store security footage. Cloud storage offers users more convenience, whilst local storage can provide a greater deal of control over footage. Generally it is a matter of preference and there are even models which provide both storage solutions.

It is worth taking into account that cloud cameras and their storage is constantly improving and benefitting from advancements in technology. These are improvements that are immediately implemented for customers to benefit from.