HD Security Camera

High definition security cameras have become the go-to for home and business owners over recent years. The staple of any security system, HD security camera are capable of delivering an unrivaled image quality, giving a great amount of detail that is incredibly useful in identifying people and objects. At 360 Security Solutions we offer the very best HD ranges to suit all your surveillance needs.

What is High Definition?

High definition is a video format that contains more pixels and a larger image size than standard definition cameras. The benefit of this is that the user is given a clearer, sharper image that allows for easier identification of people or objects. Today high definition has become the go-to for security surveillance for both businesses and homes.

How it works

High definition recording is typically referred to as 720p, 1080p or Full HD. With 720p cameras recording video at 1280 x 720 pixels and 1080p recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels. The ā€œpā€ refers to progressive scans, which is used to create a smooth and sharp image when movement is being captured.

Why HD is Important

Traditional security cameras used TVL resolutions to create their images, HD technology is a more modern and advanced method of capturing security footage that results in a clearer image resolution, and there are several benefits of this:

  • The most important aspect of video surveillance is capturing details, HD cameras offer advanced facial recognition and make identifying suspects incredibly simple.
  • Being able to effectively review evidence is hugely important to businesses. HD recording gives clear footage of whatever is in its view and can help bring those responsible for a crime to justice.
  • HD not only helps with identifying people but it also keeps image quality crisp when zooming in, this allows for accurate capture of car registrations and much more, which would otherwise have been difficult to find.
  • Having HD security cameras can help reduce the number of security cameras you need to cover an area.