Live Stream Security Camera

360 Security Solutions provides the very best live stream security camera systems ensuring you have the latest surveillance technologies at your disposal to protect your homes and businesses.

Live streaming means the user is able to view live footage over a network, either through a web-based browser or mobile app. Our live stream security cameras work with a variety of streaming services and apps, allowing you to access live footage anywhere you are.

The Rise of Live Stream

Live streaming has grown considerably over recent years, not only as a form of surveillance but also as a marketing tool. It is an ideal form of security surveillance if you want to know what’s happening in real time from a remote location and have Internet access.

Understanding IP

Installation is as simple as connecting the camera to either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, installing any necessary application or software. These cameras use an IP address, which functions the same as the IP address of a computer, which allows the camera to be found over the Internet.

The IP address means these cameras don’t have to be connected to by any cables to a display or controller, as a result there are many advantages to using this type of camera.

Benefits of Live Streaming

At 360 Security Solutions we provide a wide range of video streaming security cameras that instantly activate, allowing you to monitor your home or business whenever you feel the need. These systems can provide constant video monitoring or notify you when a motion sensor has detected movement, allowing you to view an intruder or check up on a pet.

Live streaming cameras have all the benefits you’d expect to find from an IP camera, especially as they have been designed to work wirelessly. As most modern networks are wireless, these are usually the preferred choice for home and business use.