Long Range Security Camera

If you’re looking to maximise the effectiveness of your outdoor security surveillance then choosing the right long range security camera is integral to this! Here at 360 Security Solutions, we specialise in providing the very best and most advanced cameras to suit all budgets, so you get the right security for you at the right price.

What are Long Range Cameras?

Long Range cameras refer to any CCTV camera that can focus on objects at least 30 yards from the camera’s mount position. It is important to understand that these cameras only allow the user to see a target area and not a wider image like wide-angle cameras allow.

Whilst long range cameras can have restricted views of wider areas, they are ideal for recording people’s faces and objects such as car registration plates at long distances.

When to use These Cameras?

If your surveillance needs include having to cover a large distance, such as several hundred yards, then long range cameras are an effective solution that reduces the number of cameras required. It is possible for some pan tilt zoom cameras to be effective up to 450 yards! These cameras can be implemented anywhere from long driveways to viewing gates and entry/exit doors.

Types of Long Range Cameras

Long Range Bullet Cameras

The majority of long range CCTV cameras are bullet cameras. These models tend to have a varifocal lens that allows the user to adjust the focus to the right viewing distance. Bullet cameras are an affordable and reliable security camera and almost exclusively used in outdoor scenarios.

Long Range Dome Cameras

There are scenarios where dome cameras can be used for long range viewing. These long range dome cameras will typically have a varifocal range of 2.8-12mm or 5-50mm range. It is important to take the camera’s viewing range into account to ensure it matches your needs, especially before investing in it.