Motion Activated Security Camera

Motion activated security cameras have become a vital addition to both business and home security, providing a practical and effective tool for both saving video storage space and alerting the user. 360 Security Solutions offers the very best and latest motion activated security cameras to ensure your surveillance system is at its best.

What is Motion Detection?

A motion detection camera is one that can be activated by the movement of a person or object. This detection occurs by measuring the speed or vector of the object in the camera’s field of view. A motion activated security camera then reacts by recording the event, but it is also possible for it to trigger an alarm, notify the user by email or turn on a flood light if located outside.

There are several types of motion detection technology, these include:

Infrared Sensors

This technology emits a constant electrical signal that uses infrared light; if they are interrupted the camera is triggered.

Passive Infrared Sensors

The most common sensor in home security, passive infrared waits for an event, when a heat source is present e.g. a human, the sensor is triggered.

Active Ultrasonic Sensors

Using a high-frequency sound wave, the waves are omitted then return to the sensor, if there is an interruption in the wave the camera is activated.

Passive Ultrasonic Sensors

Passive ultrasonic sensors don’t produce a wave; they instead detect a sound event, such as a broken window, and then activate the camera/alarm.

The Benefits of Motion Detection

There are many benefits to having motion detection as a surveillance tool, so much so that it has become a staple feature of both business and home security systems.

Cost Effective

Motion triggered systems can save your business considerable amounts of money as it removes the need to employ a full-time security guard.

 Energy Efficient

By being on standby mode and not constantly recording footage you’re able to save a considerable amount of energy and video storage space.

 Time Saving

The cameras only begin recording once an event has been triggered, which means you only have to look through security footage where you know an event has occurred rather than trailing through endless hours of footage.