Night Vision Security Camera

Threats to security commonly occur at nighttime, so having a surveillance system that not only keeps you protected in the day but also at night is vital to both your home and Business security. At 360 Security Solutions, we offer the very latest night vision security cameras that give you video surveillance that is as clear as day.

Do you Need Night Vision?

Night vision cameras are not only designed for provide visibility at night but also for areas of low light where regular recording doesn’t provide sharp footage. These cameras use built-in IR illuminators that make the best use of low light levels and pick up details that a regular camera wouldn’t be able to.

These cameras are suitable for both home and business use, providing you with reliable surveillance that doesn’t stop when it gets dark. It’s important to consider that a lot of crimes occur at night or in low visibility areas, therefore having the correct surveillance measures is integral to reducing the risk of these crimes.

What to Consider

If you’re new to security cameras and night vision then there are a variety of factors you should take into account before investing in a security camera:

Colour or Black and White

Whether you choose between a colour or black and white camera depends upon the light level in the environment you’re going to install your camera. If there is usually sufficient light then a colour camera is ideal, black and white cameras also work well in low light but suffer from not being able to distinguish the likes of hair, clothing or car colour, which can aid investigations.

Lux Rating

The Lux rating of a camera measures the light intensity as perceived by the human eye. Colour security cameras tend to have a Lux rating between 1-4; black and white security cameras tend to have a lower rating. Overall colour cameras are much easier to view and gather information form, but if you’re looking for an affordable night vision camera then black and white models still do a good job.


When it comes down to it, colour cameras that have been designed with low light in mind tend to be more complex and cost more to manufacture than black and white cameras that are capable of producing high-quality footage in the same conditions. Therefore it is important to consider your budget and how important security is to your business or home.