Optical Zoom Security Camera

Optical zoom security cameras make a substantial difference to video surveillance, enabling the user to capture additional details and superior video footage to their competition. At 360 Security Solutions we provide the very best optical zoom cameras to ensure your CCTV system is at the top of its game.

What is Optical Zoom

 Optical zoom moves the lens of the security camera either inwards or outwards in order to focus on an object. Modern optical zoom allows for an incredible amount of details to be generated, often giving the impression an object is much closer to the camera than you would think.

Essentially this feature means the user is able to gather an incredible amount of details regardless of the distance. If a suspect is carrying an identifiable object or has any distinguishing features then optical zoom is able to clarify this and provide clear images with very minimal effort.

Why Optical Zoom is Important

It’s understandable that some properties need more advanced security than others. Whilst a home security camera may only need a standard security camera without zoom, a bank or retail store is going to benefit considerably from the addition of cameras with optical zoom when intricate footage is required.

Ultimately a camera that cannot effectively fulfill its requirements can result in loss or accidents. By investing in cameras with an optical zoom feature you are able to generate clear images with a high resolution.

Optical and Digital Zoom

When researching security cameras with zoom functions you’ll likely encounter both optical and digital formats. Though the two offer comparable results, they aren’t the same and they both offer different strengths.

Optical zoom cameras usually offer a zoom between 10-35x and work like binoculars, digital zoom on the other hand work like enlarging an image on a computer screen. What this means is that optical zoom provides better quality, especially from distance.  But digital zoom is still very effective in smaller spaces.