Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera

The ability to follow and zoom in on live video surveillance is vital in modern security and pan tilt zoom security cameras (PTZ) offer everything you need to achieve this. At 360 Security Solutions we list only the very best PTZ cameras for all of your security needs.

What are PTZ Cameras?

A pan tilt zoom camera is a camera capable of remote directional and zoom control. These cameras are commonly used when televising professional sports events, but are also ideal for security surveillance. PTZ security cameras allow the user to control the movement and zoom of the camera lens remotely or through a DVR/computer.

Why Optical Zoom is Important

CCTV footage is intended to gather both live and recorded information that can be used to either catch a criminal in the act or used as evidence later. Using a PTZ camera allows you to accurately follow a suspect and acquire as much information as possible, compared to a fixed camera that can lose them once they walk out of its view range.

Whilst the likes of home security systems may only need a standard security camera without zoom, a bank or retail store is going to benefit considerably from the addition of cameras with optical zoom when intricate footage is required.

Ultimately a camera that cannot effectively fulfill its requirements can result in loss or accidents. By investing in cameras with an optical zoom feature you are able to generate clear images with a high resolution.

The Benefits of PTZ

There are numerous benefits to implementing PTZ cameras over standard fixed security cameras. Below are some of the most noteworthy:

Field of View

A fixed camera’s field of view is determined upon installation and doesn’t change unless manually altered. A PTZ camera on the other hand offers a much greater range of motion and the ability to track an object a full 360 degrees.

Remote Viewing

PTZ cameras can offer remote viewing software that allows the user to control the camera anywhere from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. So if your alarm system is triggered, you’ll be notified and able to track what’s going on manually.


PTZ cameras offer a truly impressive range of motion and speed when tracking. Whether moving up, down, left, right or zooming, you’re able to view a wide area with minimal effort.

Cost Effective

This range of tracking and movement also makes PTZ cameras very practical, as you’ll require fewer of them for effective security surveillance.