USB Security Camera

Where once security cameras were used almost entirely by large companies, today they are now becoming increasingly accessible to everyone. This change is largely thanks to improved technology and affordability. USB security cameras offer an incredibly practical and convenient tool for people to introduce video surveillance wherever they feel they need it.

What are USB Security Cameras?

USB cameras are some of the easiest to install security cameras available on the market. Simply plug the camera’s USB cable into your computer, setup up any installation involved and the video images will begin to be transmitted to your device.

The majority of these USB cameras work by relying on your computer’s processing power and storage space, with a video compression software provided to reduce the amount of space the footage consumes. Video footage is therefore viewed on the computer’s monitor as either a live feed or from stored files. Ultimately your computer acts as the DVR and if you require additional storage, an external hard drive can be used to redirect any saved footage.

The Benefits of USB Cameras

There are numerous benefits to USB security cameras, making them ideal for use in both your home and office. Below are the most notable:


The lack of additional equipment makes USB cameras incredibly easy to install and using your computer as the power source/DVR means you’ll already be familiar with the majority of the technology required.

Low Cost

The above mentioned lack of additional products means you can significantly cut the cost of installing security in your home and office thanks to a USB camera.


USB security cameras provide video resolutions that are the same as other CCTV cameras, modern technologies mean these cameras are highly sensitive to light and are capable of creating high quality images even in low light.

It is worth noting that whilst there are many real benefits to USB security cameras, the processing speed and storage of a computer is vital to its effective running. If you have an outdated computer then it’s likely your camera won’t run as well as intended.