Vandal Proof Security Camera

Solar power has become a valid option for powering CCTV cameras and more manufacturers are incorporating it into their products. While solar power isn’t currently a primary source of power, it does double up as a supplementary mains power source and can be especially useful in the event of a mains power outage. At 360 Secure Solutions we offer the very latest in high quality CCTV solar power supplies, designed to cater to all your surveillance needs.

What Does Vandal Proof Mean?

Vandal proof security cameras are outfitted with a metal housing that prevents the lens from being damaged from physical damage, ensuring the footage continues to be recorded. Vandal resistant cameras are designed to give the user a rugged and protected camera ideal for scenarios where your security is at risk of being tampered with or exposed to harsh elements.

These cameras have been designed to be very difficult to gain access to, making them very hard to dismantle for criminals. Often they may try to tamper with these cameras and after being unable to make any impact on them will be deterred from committing a crime all together.

Why use Vandal Proof Cameras?

It’s common for people carrying out planned crimes to know where security cameras are and attempt to disable or damage them with hard objects. A vandal proof camera is designed to take the impact of these blows without the camera sustaining any significant damage.

These cameras offer the user more reassurance from vandals and criminals. They’re the perfect way to monitor and record a potential crime without worrying about the lens being damaged or camera being destroyed thanks to the case’s resilience.

Cameras that offer protection from physical damage should always be considered when investing in CCTV, whether for home or business. This camera type is especially useful in high-security areas, from prisons to airports, warehouses, retail stores and banks.

The casing of vandal proof security cameras has been designed intelligently in order to protect the camera’s lens. It isn’t uncommon for many of the latest vandal proof cameras to also offer protection from extreme climates and harsh weather conditions, making them even more useful.