Weatherproof Security Camera

Outdoor security cameras act as a visual deterrent for many businesses and homes, creating a practical and affordable method of protecting your property. But there are important factors to take into account when positioning cameras outside and the most notable of these is weatherproofing. At 360 Security Solutions we provide a wide range of the best weatherproof security cameras to suit all your needs.

Why Weatherproofing is Important

Every outdoor security cameras is going to be exposed to some form of weather, from varying temperatures to rain and snow, and therefore require a certain degree of protection. We offer camera models to suit every type of climate and weather condition, which will enable your security system to run effectively regardless of the conditions.

These weatherproof cameras not only provide protection from the elements, but also prevent the likes of dust, insects and vandalism from affecting the camera’s lens. In areas of extreme heat or cold it is vital to choose a camera with thermostatic controls that can prevent condensation from forming over the lens and affecting the image quality.

What You Need From Weatherproof Cameras

When shopping for these cameras it is important to consider the likes of image quality, price, camera placement and installation.

The most important reason people invest in weatherproof cameras is because they are capable of providing protection from extreme weather conditions, high and low temperatures and physical damage. Cameras with the right protection are capable of recording footage throughout all kinds of conditions as well as through the night.

If you’re planning on putting the camera in an exposed area or where it has to operate in low light then it is necessary to prioritise the quality of the camera’s housing and night vision to ensure a clear and sharp image regardless of the light and weather conditions.

There are a variety of different weatherproof cameras suitable for all budgets and needs, whether you want a one-camera security system for your home or an 8-camera system for a warehouse. At 360 Security Solutions we’re here to help find the best choice for you and your budget!