Wide Angle Security Camera

If you’re looking for a wide angle security camera for outdoor or indoor use then you’re in the right place! 360 Security Solutions offer only the most advanced, high quality and affordable CCTV cameras, so you can give your home and business the security it deserves.

When to use Wide Angle Cameras?

Do you require a security camera that can cover a wide area whilst still providing a high resolution? Choosing the right security camera not only saves you money but also ensures there are no blind spots to your surveillance and accurate evidence can be gathered. Wide angle security cameras are designed to give users a super wide viewing angle without losing video quality.

The camera works by using a shorter focal length than other lenses, creating a wider view. The benefit of using this type of camera in security is that it doesn’t have to be moved to give a wider view. Other cameras can also require mounting angles to be changed over time, but this isn’t an issue for wide angle cameras.

What Wide Angle Offers

A Larger Field of View

These cameras give a much broader viewing range than regular CCTV cameras. Which means you’re able to cover a larger area with the same number or fewer cameras. There’ll also be fewer blind spots in your security. Reducing these blind spots can help to drastically reduce the shrinkage of a business, especially as the majority of it comes from employees rather than customers.

Employees often learn the layout of security surveillance and this allows them to find blind spots and take advantage of them. Wide angle cameras are a simple method of reducing the likelihood of this and therefore reducing shrinkage.


Incorporating wide angle cameras into security systems with other camera types means you can strengthen your coverage. Consider installing them in more open outdoor or indoor areas to save having to install multiple bullet cameras instead.


Wide angle security cameras can commonly be found in warehouses, car parks, large open outdoor areas, sports stadiums, traffic surveillance and there are many other scenarios where they can benefit you.