Security Camera with Alarm

Security cameras are an ideal method of protecting your home or business, but whilst the capturing of a crime is useful and cameras often act as deterrents to criminals, it is possible to have even bigger deterrents in the form of security cameras with alarms.

The Various Camera Alarm Applications

Cameras with alarms come in a wide variety to suit your specific security needs. Whether they are a physical alarm at the monitoring site that notifies an intruder they have been spotted, or an alarm that notifies the user by email or mobile app that motion

The Advantages of Alarms

There are numerous advantages to installing a security system with alarms, whether for home or commercial use. Deciding which is best suited to your needs can help you get the most from your security cameras.

Deters Crime

The most obvious benefit of installing a security camera with a built-in alarm system is that it acts as an immediate deterrent to criminals. If a camera detects motion then it can trigger the alarm and this will not only surprise an intruder but will drastically reduce their willingness to remain in the property.

Notifying Police

At 360 Security Solutions, we can provide our customers with alarm systems that directly notify the police and the property owner once it has been triggered. This ‘silent’ alarm is an ideal way to minimise police call out time and help resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

Personal Notifications via Smartphone and Email

Modern security camera systems are capable of alerting the user to movement through their associated application or directly to your email address. This means you’re able to see when the camera is triggered, whether you have chosen to place a camera in a room or outside. It is an ideal function for those who want to see who is at their front door when they’re out, and it’s even possible to combine this function with sound features enabling you to communicate with the person at the door from your smartphone.