Security Camera with Microphone

Security cameras with microphones offer users a solution for scenarios where you would not only want video coverage but to be able to hear any audio in a specific place. This ‘sound’ feature is typical in many IP wireless cameras and refers to a camera receiving sound via a microphone.

Why Use a Camera With a Microphone?

Security cameras with a microphone often come with a speaker too; this allows two-way communication between whoever is in the monitored room and the camera user. Not all cameras come with these features built-in and it is fair to say it has quite a specific purpose, which is ideal for those looking for pet and baby monitoring.
Whilst security cameras are typically intended to provide video monitoring, being able to listen to what is going on in an area has unique benefits, allowing you to have a more complete picture of what is occurring. From being able to hear if a baby is awake or even capturing the voice of an intruder, which can help the identification of them during a police investigation.
A security camera with a microphone also allows for the user to be notified if a loud noise occurs, such as a smashed window, instead of solely relying on 24/7 coverage or movements detection.

The Benefits of Microphones

A common use of security cameras with microphones and speakers is to install them at a front entrance. This allows the user to communicate with the person at the door without having to open the door itself. Not only does this provide the homeowner with reassurance, it is also ideal for those who are less mobile, the elderly or if you have left your child at home alone and don’t want them answering the door to strangers.

Having a security camera with a microphone feature not only allows you check up on children or pets, it also allows the user to eavesdrop on any conversations that are occurring in the area, especially those of unwanted people outside your home or property.