Security Camera with SD Card

SD cards have been a common feature of digital cameras for years, providing users with a solid-state storage device that is only limited by the amount of storage designated to the SD card. The convenience of such storage has led many security camera manufacturers to introduce this storage style into their IP cameras, along with programmable settings for resolution, continuous or motion detection recording and more, to allow you to use storage space more efficiently.

Why Choose SD Card Storage?

One of the immediate benefits of SD card storage is its low cost and reliability. If you’re looking to invest in a one or two camera security system for your home or a small business then it can be more practical to use SD cards in each camera to lower installation cost and the need for additional local storage.

The ease of inserting an SD card into a security camera and being able to record immediately is likely to be a factor that many customers will appreciate. This makes these cameras ideal for ‘out of the way’ spots that it can be difficult to provide power or Wi-Fi signal for.

From a cost perspective, SD cards are one of the most affordable security storage solutions available. Which means that if you have a security camera that is SD card compatible then it is well worthwhile using it as at least an inexpensive insurance policy in the event of your primary recording service failing.

What to Take Into Account?

SD cards are available from 4 GB upwards and it is easy for users to use or swap for larger storage when necessary. If a card becomes full then it begins to overwrite the oldest footage, this allows recording to continue and ensure that nothing is missed if the security camera were to stop shooting when the storage runs out.

Perhaps the most noteworthy issue of security cameras with SD cards is that the recorded footage is held within the camera. This can make the footage vulnerable if the camera is tampered with by a criminal, and could potentially be destroyed entirely. If damage was to occur to a particular camera it is possible to transfer the SD card into another camera that is SD card compatible.