Cheap Security Camera

Whether you own your own business or home, we all want to feel safe and protected. One of the simplest ways to help achieve this peace of mind is by investing in a cheap security camera system. But with CCTV security market growing considerably, there are an ever-increasing number of affordable security cameras available and choosing the right one is a big decision.

We understand the average home and small business owner wants reliable surveillance that doesn’t cost an excessive amount of money, but making a decision based solely on price isn’t advisable when it comes to safety.

Why Security Cameras Vary In Price

Cameras vary in price for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of these being that a cheaper camera will be made from a cheaper lens, poorer resolution, fewer features and lower quality materials. Alternatively, an expensive security camera ($1,000+) costs this much because of better hardware, more advanced features and a more impressive reputation.

A lower quality camera results in lower quality footage, which ultimately will play a role when an incident occurs. Better quality CCTV is a more effective tool when it comes to police investigations and will more likely result in criminal apprehension.

The key point we stress here at 360 Secure Solutions is that it isn’t vital for you to invest excessively in security cameras to reap many of their benefits, but it is important you invest enough to avoid lower quality models that lack key security features.

Here are a few examples of the features many low-quality security cameras can lack:

Storage space
HD video can consume a lot of storage space. This might not be an immediate consideration when looking for a security system, but having enough space is important so you don’t record at lower quality or investing in a poorer grade camera to save space.

No or poor night vision
A feature that is often taken for granted, night vision is critical for an effective security system; cheap security cameras might have poor and grainy night detection or even none at all if you don’t take this into account when choosing.

Parts and software
Less expensive cameras may look the same as expensive ones, but they tend to include inferior plastic parts and software. This all adds up to less efficient and reliable cameras.

Choosing the Right Security Cameras

If you’re set on investing in a security system with multiple cameras then the next step is to choose the right cameras to suit your needs and budget. At 360 Secure Solutions we have plenty of affordable, quality camera models for you to choose from, all of which offer their own unique features designed to benefit you.

We are proud to stock the most highly regarded manufacturers, from Axis, to D-Link and Y-Cam. These manufacturers offer a wide range of cheap security cameras to suit your needs, beginning from as little as $49.

D-Link’s DCS-933L is a perfect example of their great value for money. A versatile day/night Cloud camera, it is an ideal surveillance solution for both home and office. The built-in wireless extender function even helps to improve your existing wireless coverage throughout the property.