Security Camera Systems

When it comes to choosing a security camera system, it is only natural to think of which of the latest feature-packed HD CCTV cameras you would like, but although these cameras undoubtedly play an important role in surveillance, they are only part of the equation. For a home or business security system to be truly effective and worthwhile, there are a variety of other important aspects that must be taken into consideration too.

The Essentials of a Security Camera System

A basic CCTV system requires several basic components to run correctly:


By investing too much of your budget into high quality cameras, and not leaving enough budget for the other essential system components, you’re going to be significantly impacting the quality of these other parts.  Compare this to buying a fancy sports car, but then having to fill it with an average performance engine, old wheels and a stiff steering wheel. Our point is that the quality of your video surveillance will suffer from using poorer quality system parts.

Types of Camera Systems in the Market

When researching the type of camera security system you want, one of the first decision you will have to make is whether you want wired or wireless cameras to form the basis of your surveillance.


Wired systems may not receive as much attention as modern wireless cameras, but they do have their own distinct benefits and restrictions that are well worth noting.

No signal interference – wired cameras do not require a signal, but provide users with a reliable image thanks to the use of a cable to transfer power and data. This means there is no interference from telephones, wireless networks and other technology.

Difficult to hack – as wired security cameras are separate from wireless networks, this makes them particularly difficult for intruders to hack.

Constant power – because these cameras are wired they have the benefit of a constant power source and are therefore more reliable. PoE cables mean fewer cables need to be run.

Difficult Installation – the reliance on wires is not just unsightly (unless well concealed) but also restricts camera placement and makes installation difficult.


Wireless security systems are an attractive option for modern properties and businesses. They are a great solution if you aren’t willing or able to hardwire security cameras. These systems are now completely wireless (except for power cables) and offer all the same models you can find in wired camera systems.

Simple Setup – a wireless security camera system is one of the simplest systems for you to set up without assistance.

Accessibility – an IP-based wireless security system connects to the Internet and is designed to be used with computers, tablets and smartphones. Allows you to view the footage through a web browser on the Internet or mobile app.

HD Video – wireless IP systems offer the latest innovation in surveillance technology and provide very high quality video footage comparable to analog cameras.

Test Wireless Signal – a very important consideration to take into account with such a wireless security camera system is the need to test using a wireless heat map. Wireless systems can also be prone to interference that affects image quality.