16 Camera Security System

Security camera systems are available in a variety of sizes to suit all your potential surveillance needs, from improving security in households to hospitals. A 16 camera security system is designed for situations that call for a strong coverage and a dedicated security team. 360 Security Solutions offers a collection of specially chosen security systems so you can find the best system for your needs in no time.

Why Choose a 16 Camera Security System?

Our collection of 16 camera systems come complete with everything you need in order to create a modern and effective security network. These particular systems are designed with the likes of large retail stores and offices in mind, enabling you to get the CCTV coverage you require throughout the whole building.

Of course 16 camera systems aren’t restricted to businesses, there are plenty of other ways in which they can be implemented, if you’re serious about home security and have a large home to protect then they can also be used in this scenario.



These systems can all be customized to suit your particular needs. The system can be networked in order to grant you access from anywhere in the world that has Internet access and through your smartphone. Which is ideal if you want to keep an eye on your business when you’re on holiday or if an alarm is triggered at night.

Ease of Installation

Our systems are designed with simplicity in mind, our 16 camera security systems are easy to install but we always have an experienced professional available in order to ensure you’re creating the most effective security system possible.

Factors to Take Into Consideration


Price is the primary consideration when looking for a security system. Understanding your exact needs, from size of a security system to the technologies you’d like in your system is integral to not only installing the perfect security system but also making the most of your budget.

How Many Cameras

It might sound obvious but take the time to consider how many cameras your business actually needs. Mapping out an indoor and outdoor floor plan and marking areas that require CCTV coverage can help you work this out. You may not require exactly 16 cameras but if you’re looking to expand over time then a 16 camera security system may be a smart initial investment.