32-Camera Surveillance System

At 360 Secure Solutions, we are proud to offer a professional full 32-camera surveillance system for all your business security needs, compatible with a full range of features – whether you require wireless or wired cameras; outdoor or indoor cameras, or a mixture thereof.

Large Property Surveillance Systems

A large public or commercial area will require a high number of security cameras. It is important to remember that the purpose of surveillance systems is to guard and record footage, which results in reduced liability. If you leave even small areas without surveillance, then they become vulnerable and put the property at risk. Remember that the strength of the entire system is only as strong as its weakest part.

Many scenarios would benefit from a 32-camera surveillance system;

Retail Centres

Retail centres are a prime example of a location that requires professional and well-planned surveillance. With so many entrance points, stores and visitors on a daily basis, there are plenty of opportunities for thieves to take advantage of. A 32-camera surveillance system can provide a high level of coverage in order to help deter criminals, capture valuable evidence and keep both visitors and employees safe.


Large supermarkets need a surveillance system that not only covers any entrances and exits, but also each aisle, store exteriors and staff areas. Surveillance isn’t only relevant here to stop thieves, but also to gather evidence against accidents or false claims, and employee safety and security.

Universities & Schools

Security in schools has never been more important, due to the quantity of students and visitors on a daily basis; effective surveillance is vital in order to protect everyone present.

Sports Events/Stadiums

Hosting football matches and stadium gigs results in thousands of fans descending upon one location. Having adequate security is not only a good way to reduce the likelihood of crime, but live feeds can also be used to effectively react to suspicious activity before anything occurs.


Large Corporations

Security systems in large companies have many benefits, from giving their staff members peace of mind and a safer work environment, to reducing the risk of fraudulent insurance claims by gathering evidence.


Hospitals are one of many public places that can benefit from a well-implemented security system. The presence of well-located cameras creates a safer work environment and once again reduces the risk of fraudulent insurance claims.