8 Camera Security System

Security camera systems are available in a variety of sizes to suit all your potential surveillance needs, from protecting homes to banks. An 8 camera security system is designed for situations that require a good deal of coverage, from medium-sized businesses to offices. 360 Security Solutions is here to bring you the best systems possible to suit your requirements.

Why Choose an 8 Camera Security System?

8 Camera Security Systems are a cost effective and reliable solution for professional use and can also be ideal for larger homes where security is a priority. If it is important to protect what matters most to you then our security systems are an ideal method to do so.

There are many different ways in which an 8 camera security system could benefit your business, not only can a full 8 cameras be fully introduced but if you’re a small business with plans to grow then investing in a larger security system means you only need to buy additional cameras over time rather than a completely new system.

Important Considerations


Price is the most important consideration to take into account when it comes to investing in a security system. A good deal of time should be taken to understand what you need from CCTV, particular features that would benefit you and whether you’ll need additional cameras over time or be comfortable with a fixed amount.

Building Size

An 8 camera security system offers users a good deal of flexibility with their security. This sized system allows you to cover a wide area, ideal for medium-sized retail stores, businesses and offices. If security is important to you then you can rest assured an 8 camera security system could provide suitable coverage.


An 8 camera system allows many users enough options to truly provide a complete and secure video surveillance of an area. It’s also ideal even if you don’t immediately need 8 cameras in your property, as over time you’ll begin to realise where the surveillance blind spots are and you can add the cameras where necessary to resolve this.