Samsung Security Camera System

360 Security Solutions provides the very best security surveillance solutions for all of out customers. We only offer products from the most highly regarded manufacturers, so its no surprise that Samsung security camera systems are amongst the list we offer.

What Samsung Offers to Security

Samsung is a company renowned for its innovative features and quality products. Their security systems have been made with user convenience in mind, making them ideal for both business and home use.

They understand that we our lives can’t revolve around staying in the office or at home, in fact to be successful in business it’s necessary to meet clients, make contacts and put yourself out there. But it’s also important to have peace of mind at the same time!


Samsung’s Anytime/Anywhere Viewing gives you the freedom to access your and monitor your security system wherever you are. This gives you the peace of mind you need, whether checking up on a nanny whilst you’re enjoying a night out or simply checking that you turned the lights off in your store before leaving. With accessibility through computers and smartphones it’s easier than ever before for you to take control of your security.

The company’s SmartViewing tool allows you to monitor an infinite number of systems spread out all over the world in one central location. And gone are the days where you have to slave over footage to find a time to review, Samsung’s search and review menu makes it easier than ever before to find archived footage.

High Resolution Cameras

Samsung offers security camera systems that feature cameras that record at 800TVL, which results in crisp and clear images. Combine this with their Infrared light technology and you’re able to see perfectly during both the daytime and at night. In fact, these cameras are able to record up to 82ft at night!

Samsung SDH-P4040

Samsung’s SDH-P4040 8 channel system is the perfect example of a security system ideal for both home and business use. If you’re looking for a security system that you can rely on at an affordable price then this system won’t let you down.

Offering an initial 4 cameras, the system is upgradeable to 8 cameras if you’re looking to expand in the future or own a large property. Complete with a 2TB hard drive, there’s everything you need for your modern security needs.