Color Security Camera

360 Secure Solutions brings you the very latest and most advanced color security camera systems. Security cameras have become one of the most prevalent technologies over recent years, beginning as black and white imagery; color imagery is now the standard. These systems provide companies and homeowners with a wide array of benefits, making them an integral addition to your property.

Some of the Benefits of a Color Security Camera:

The most obvious benefit of a color security camera is that you are able to view and record images in color. The ability to do so not only makes it easier for the viewer, but it also can be crucial when it comes to identifying key features in live or recorded footage. From the color of a criminal’s clothes to that of a car involved in an accident. There is good reason why these cameras are commonplace in security.

  • Color quality – recording footage in color undoubtedly improves the quality of the image.
  • Identification – if you own a retail business, then the addition of color CCTV can make it considerably easier to identify perpetrators. The ability to see exactly what colors are involved makes reviewing footage incredibly easy.
  • Cost – because of the prevalence of color CCTV models, there are many reasonably priced models available to suit all budgets.
  • Detail – color helps to provide footage that is easier to view, with more definition and therefore makes finding detail a lot simpler than with black and white footage.