Door Peephole Camera

With both home and business security becoming a bigger concern for people, there is the belief that traditional security methods, such as peepholes and door chains, have become inadequate. As a result, a newer technology has been developed to help improve the security of our front doors and it comes in the form of a door peephole camera.

What is a Door Peephole Camera?

A door peephole camera allows users to remotely and discreetly view whoever is at their front door. This camera allows you to safely see who is at your door from anywhere within your house without alerting them. The benefit it has to a traditional peephole is that often the person at the door will be able to see or hear you approach the peephole, with this camera that is no longer an issue.

How it Works

The camera is fitted to the door and replaces the traditional peephole. It uses a sensor that detects vibrations on the door when it is knocked. It then accesses your home’s Wi-Fi network and notifies the user via an app. When the app opens, it is able to show you live video of the individual at the door and it is even possible to take screenshots or video as well.

The Benefits of Door Peephole Cameras

These cameras are mainly responsible for providing their users with peace of mind. A relatively basic and cost-friendly camera, installation is simple and has immediate benefits.

It is possible to purchase door peephole cameras in a variety of styles, certain models offer Wi-Fi connection and apps, whilst others use an LCD panel for discreet viewing. Regardless of the style, door peephole cameras have low energy consumption – typically only relying on two AA batteries.

It should also be noted when considering these cameras that certain models don’t transmit their data anywhere, instead recording it to an SD card, in these instances storage space is limited and these cameras tend to record images instead of videos to save space.