WiFi Door Camera

If you find your doorbell is regularly ringing from unwanted visitors or even as you’ve just settled down to a relaxing bath, then a WiFi door camera could be the remedy to all your problems. Modern technology has meant that we are barely without our smartphones and the creation of these cameras means that we have access to our front door without actually having to be there.

How WiFi Door Cameras Work

A WiFi door camera connects to a network through a WiFi router. This enables your smartphone, computer or laptop to gain access to a camera at the front of your home so you can see who is ringing the bell.

When the visitor presses the bell it sends an alert, activating the camera and allowing the owner to answer the call or reject it depending on who they are looking at. It is even possible to connect to the camera and interact with them in real time. So if you’re at work late and a neighbour is ringing on your bell, you can personally let them know you aren’t in and when they should try again.

The Benefits of WiFi Door Cameras

The premise of the door camera is a simple one but it provides a new level of security that many people can benefit from. Research has found that 74% of burglaries occur through the front door, but the door camera can prevent a break-in from taking place, as you are able to respond to the action even if you aren’t home.

A perfect example of this safety is if you were to be home alone at night and the doorbell rings, if you didn’t feel comfortable answering the door, then the door camera allows you to see who is there and whether you want to answer in complete safety.

No one likes having to arrange their lives around deliverymen. With the door camera you will always know when a package has arrived and can even personally give special instructions to them over the intercom.

If you are old or disabled then it might take a considerable effort to get to the door. With this camera, you are able to answer the door without difficulty as well as being able to ignore unwanted visitors.

Away From Home
If you’re at work or on holiday, then you are still able to take know who is visiting your home, regardless of how far away you are.