Dummy Security Camera


Security cameras are undoubtedly an effective way of increasing security, but often the perceived cost is enough to put off a lot of people. Here at 360 Secure Solutions, we know the importance of having a quality security system in place but there is also the potential to incorporate smart and cost effective solutions to ensure you have the added protection in the right places. Dummy security cameras are a simple way to give the impression your property is under surveillance, even when they aren’t connected to a security system.

What is a Dummy Camera?

Dummy’ cameras are designed to look like real security cameras without being able to carry out any of their functions – like a car with no engine. There are a wide variety of dummy cameras for you to choose from, replicating all of the security camera styles you could think of.

When to use a Dummy Camera?

Dummy cameras are ideal if you already have an adequate security camera system but want to give the impression of extra surveillance without the additional cost. For instance, if you have one camera within your shop that gives full coverage above the checkout, you can use dummy cameras to create the idea of having even more security by placing a few more around key areas such as by the entrance and changing room.

The dummy cameras you invest in should match those of your existing security so they don’t look awkward, ie have the same design and color; these are simple steps that ensure that your security looks like one cohesive and well-designed system.

When not to use a Dummy Camera?

The key to using dummy cameras is not to be too obvious. If you place these cameras in a way that doesn’t look legitimate, then potential criminals may become suspicious of them and realise they are fake. For instance, a camera in the middle of nowhere without a power source or cables will be a waste and won’t fool anyone. Dummy cameras should be treated as if they are fully working cameras and placed in an appropriate manner to get the best results.